Hosted web domains are suspended for a variety of reasons, however, the most common reasons are: 

  • The subscription for web hosting was not renewed by the client.

If you cannot remember paying your invoice recently you can check your emails for an email from clientology regarding your renewal. In most cases, our hosting subscription is for a twelve month period. If you need to pay an invoice you can visit and renew your subscription. There is a $50 reconnection fee for accounts that ar $30 days overdue.

You can log in to pay your invoice using your email address as your username.

  • Content uploaded by the administrator is in breach of hosting policies.

Many of our clients have Content Management System that allows them to edit content and add media files to their websites. In cases where content has been inadvertently uploaded to a domain, we will work with our client to identify the offending file and restore the site as fast as possible.

  • If security maintenance is not kept updated an account can be suspended due to a breach or a hacking incident.

If you have a current maintenance contract with Clientology, you are covered. We will clear your website of any breaches or viruses, restore the site to tip top condition, identify the reason for the breach and fix any security issues