Social networking over recent years has become a powerful force in business marketing and communication. Done right social media strategies can provide your business with cost effective marketing, customer service and advertising

Social Media Strategies are important, without a strategic plan and effective policies regarding social media in your business social media can waste massive amounts of time and become an uncontrollable nightmare.

At Clientology we provide:

Proven Strategies
that will help you increase your follower base and grow trust with your followers and encourage advocates to share your message with others.

Safe Policies
that will help you to protect your reputation whilst empowering your team to promote your message.

Powerful Tools
Ensure that your business communications maximize your social media potential and takes every opportunity to drive people to your zone of influence.

for clients who understand the power of social media marketing but often do not have the time to implement it, Clientology provide ongoing management and implementation of strategies on their behalf.

Monthly broadcast package
Keep in front of your audience with your latest innovative, products and industry insight with a monthly broadcast program that reaches your followers where they live.

  • A monthly newsletter showcasing your latest offers and innovations.
  • Monthly social media broadcasts across all of the relevant SM channels.

Feedback monitoring
Ensuring comments and follower feedback is managed to benefit branding

Gathering of intelligence to maximize future broadcasts.