Website Software Updates.

Most website software require regular updates, especially with sites that allow the public to interact with software. Software maintenance programs are an unfortunate but necessary part of maintaining the health and security of your public interaction website.

For Security.

Hackers are always seeking out vulnerabilities in website software that they can exploit. They are looking for opportunities to infect your site with ads and distribution opportunities. The developers of your software are way ahead of them though, constantly upgrading and improving the software to defend against the ever evolving threats.

For Usability.

The browsers that your visitors are using are also constantly being upgraded. The software companies face similar issues as the web designers in the security and improvement race. Its important that your website be updated to match the innovations and the technologies available in the wide range of web browsers your audience uses. Wikipedia does not even begin to list the number of web browsers that are being used at the moment as the recent influx of mobile technologies are hard to track. An iphone user may surf your site on Safari, Chrome, Atomic, Opera or Dolphin just to name a few. The software for these browsers may not be up to date so your website will have to be optimized for at least three of the latest versions. However they may also be browsing your site on a Facebook App. Multiply this across Android, Blackberry, Microsoft Mobile, PC and Mac applications and you can see why we are constantly updating your site to ensure it works seamlessly on a multitude of devices.