WordPress ManitenanceJoomla Overview

Thirty million copies of Joomla had been downloaded (July 2012) Popular with news and media, education and technology segments it is also has high popularity with eCommerce applications. It is chosen for its eas of use and the plethora of extensions and plugins. Almost anyone with the most basic of word processing skills can manage the content on a WordPress site.


  • Easy content management anyone can use.
  • Cost effective.
  • Large community of developers and customization options.
  • Can be hosted on most web servers.

It’s Free

The basic core of your Joomla site is open source, this means that it is developed shared and maintained by a community of developers, who swap ideas information and issues in order to keep the platform running at an optimal level. In theory the larger the community the more people you have working on development and bugs.

With Joomla, it means a free platform but the cost of running and maintaining it have to be considered.

Think of it like this. Someone may give you a Boeing 747 but that doesn't mean free flying. There are costs involved in keeping that thing in the air.

What you pay for...

You may not be paying for the software that runs your content but there may be costs associated with running your WordPress site .

You may pay for…

  • Hosting for you site.
  • Design and graphics to get your Joomla to look right for your business. 
  • Coding to get your Joomla to do the things that you need it to do.
  • Additional software and plugins like shopping carts and forms.
  • Regular maintenance to the core files to make sure that the software is bug-free and optimised for the latest devices and browsers.
  • Security patches and services. 
  • Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing.

These costs can be minimised by learning to manage some of these things yourself and there are many tutorials on the web to help those who have the time to DIY, or you can enlist the services professionals to keep your Joomla Running in optimal condition.

Maintenance Packages

The philosophy behind our Joomla Maintenance Packages.

As a web hosting customer there may be many hidden traps and issues that are hard for you as a novice to understand the service you are paying for and what you can expect from your provider.

Your website goes down the week before Christmas and you call your hosting company to see what is going on. They explain that the site has a virus and will need to be repaired. They quote $120 per hour to do the repairs, but they can not commit to how much time they will need to spend sanitising the site.

You tell them to go ahead as you need the site up and running during the busy Christmas period but you are probably asking yourself:

  • How did a virus get on my site?
  • Is my host's security up to scratch?
  • How can I ensure this doesn't happen again?
  • Is my host providing good service here?

A Clientology maintenance package means:

  • We take responsibility for the smooth running of your software and programs.
  • We repair any security breaches or bugs that affect your site.
  • We back up your site bi-monthly.
  • There are no hidden costs to the maintaining of your site.