Jess Nicks

Today we launched Jess Nicks Website.
Jess is a promising singer and worship leader in Adelaide. She was the winner of “Discover 13” (a competition promoted and managed by Clientology).

Her website was launched to promote her new album “Its My Time”, and sell tickets to her concert and album launch.

The site features:

    • Responsive design that identifies the device that it is being viewed on and adapts the site to optimise the screen size.
    • A content management system (CMS) that allow Jess and her team to add to and edit the website.
    • A full screen title page that acts as a slideshow gallery.
    • Newsletter signup integration.
    • Audio sample player.

    Visit Jess's site here


    Connect with Jess Nicks


    For this project clientology provided the following products and services:

    • Web Design
    • Graphic Design
    • Media Player
    • Online Store
    • Ticket Event Sales software
    • Social Media Management
    • Website Hosting
    • Email Marketing Campaigns